Real Food Catering is now offering 


Fresh, local and seasonal individual meals for lunch or dinner


 Build-You-Own Individual Meals From our Seasonal Monthly Menu:


Minimum purchase: 3 meals


1. Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps (plus choice of one starch)
2. Honey-Garlic Galzed Salmon
3. Tri Tip with Chimichurri Sauce
4. Turkey Fiesta Bowl: ground turkey, brown rice, pinto beans, fresh salsa, corn and jalapeno vin           (counted as full meal)
5. Pesto Zucchini Noodles (vegetarian; plus choice of one starch)


1. Oven Roasted Tomatoes with Parmesan and Thyme
2. Roasted Baby Carrots
3. Pesto Zucchini Noodles


1. Quinoa with Spinach and Garlic
2. Whole Grain Pasta with Olive Oil and Herbs
3. Roasted Red Potatoes with Balsamic


Q: how do I place/pick up my order?

A: complete and return the order form to us....or give us a call and we would be happy to place your order!    (530) 745-4250

Orders are requested by Friday @ 12:00pm for pickup at our kitchen on-Wednesday from 3:00-6:00pm